I feel like a broken record, but this was another project we did for a repeat customer. (I’m starting to understand we do keep our customers). His driveway was sealed by us a few years back, but his pavers were in bad shape. They had lost a lot of their colors due to not being sealed until years after installed. My customer bought the house roughly 5 years ago, and pavers were put down 15 years ago. They didn’t fail, the original homeowners did by never sealing them.

Back when we first started using Seal N Lock we didn’t have access to many restoration options. We simply went out, deep cleaned the surface, re-sanded, and sealed with 3 coats of Super-Wet or Natural. We simply locked sand in and gave the customer sheen or gloss. Fast forward a few years now we have many tools at our fingertips to restore pavers. We have now become very proficient in restoring the colors of pavers using special blended tinting agents. Its not that we have ever done a bad job. It’s the fact that we simply get better with each project we do. His pavers were still in good shape just needed color. So we steam cleaned the surface in order to open up the pores of the pavers again so they would absorb the tinting agents. We then mixed up a reddish tint color applied to the surface until the desired color was achieved. We the re-sanded, and sealed the colors and sand in and gave the customer the high gloss sheen they wanted. It a great feeling to know that we can transform pavers the way we do. We don’t seem to get any brand new installations any more. Most of our projects are restorations and repeat customers. We don’t mind. We love a challenge. This driveway came out great, and everyone in the neighborhood will notice it now.