Many people think they can get a paver sealing in Lutz whenever they get the urge to do so but what they don’t realize is that there is an ideal time to seal pavers. We clean and seal pavers all year long and are intimately familiar with Florida’s weather conditions. We know how hot and humid it can get, but this doesn’t have to be an issue. The key is knowing the right time to seal.

High Temperatures

If you choose to have your pavers done during the summer or whenever temperatures are pretty high, set your appointment for morning or evening hours. Too much heat causes the sealer to react which prevents the sealer from penetrating deep into the pores of the pavers which means it will not provide adequate protection for your pavers in the long run. One way to determine if temperatures are too high is when strings begin to form on rollers or spray tips or when bubbles or blisters are forming in the sealer.

Cold Temperatures

If it is very cold, sealant will not apply well either. Very cold temperatures will cause the sealer to weaken and it will turn the surface white. You’ll be left with unsightly pavers and a waste of money. If your pavers look unsightly from a bad application you can also get a paver restoration in Lutz to restore their beauty.

Sealing in the Fall and Spring

Fall or spring is a great time of the year to seal pavers. Cooler weather allows the sealer to penetrate into the pavers unhindered. Pavers will have an adequate amount of protection for when it’s time to seal again. Make sure to keep leaves and other debris off the pavers while they are drying to avoid blemishes.

Dealing With Moisture

Moisture can be an issue at any time of the year. Solvent based sealers can trap moisture while water based sealants do not. Trapped moisture will cause pavers to develop a white film. Be sure pavers are dry before applying any sealant.

Keep in mind, these aren’t strict rules to follow, just some suggestions to ensure you get the best outcome for the money you spend.

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