Why hire pressure points?

Here at Pressure Points we simply feel that we can prove to you that we are in the upper echelon of paver sealing and pressure washing companies not only in Florida, but throughout the US. We strive to educate our customers on our industry, our products, and our company. We hope that after simply giving the customers the information they need and asked for, they will be able to make an informed, and educated decision. We do not lie. We do not over promise and under deliver. We take extreme pride in our work and it shows immediately and completely. We have never claimed to be the cheapest company out there, but we do feel that we give you a great value for your dollar. We know pavers and we the ins and outs of our paver sealing process. It has taken years to master our craft and honestly we strive to get better each and every day. We are the only certified national trainers for the Seal N Lock paver Sealing System and there is a reason for that. Edward Staff has personally trained over 300 contractors on how to use the Seal N Lock Paver Sealer and the Seal N Lock process. We have no doubt that if given the opportunity, we will impress you, and keep you as a lifelong customer. That is our goal. Plain and simple. We feel an educated customer, is the best type of customer.


Why seal my pavers?

We get this question a lot. Living in South Florida we all know the sun is extremely hot and damaging. It has the tendency to fade anything left out in it for too long. Your pavers included. We feel that there are many reason to seal your pavers or travertine but our top 3 reasons are the following. It protects them. Protects them from stains, from UV rays, from the outside elements. Things such as oils, greases, rust, UV rays fading the colors, etc. It also enhances their beauty. Whether you choose a matte finish, or gloss finish, our product will enhance the beautiful colors in your pavers, making them bold and rich looking, and give you the desired sheen you have chosen. Sealing your pavers gives them the enhanced look of an award winning hardscape. It helps keep the weeds and ants away. Our product locks the joint sand into place. By doing this we can help combat weeds, ant, etc. from protruding from with the joints of the pavers.


Why is it important to add sand and lock it in?

Its important to add sand to help keep the weeds and ants away, but we also feel it helps strengthen your paver system. It helps cut down on erosion and soft spots. Since the water is unable to full percolate below the paver, it helps keep your paver system strong and durable.


Why do you not use polymeric sand?

Many paver installation companies use polymeric sand. Everyone has their opinions, and we understand that polymeric sand has it place in the paver and hardscape world. We personally do not use polymeric sand because of the Paver Sealer ability to lock the joint sand into place creating the same effect. Our paver sealer was created as an alternative to polymeric sand.


Why do we need to wait 30 days?

Typically, we want to wait 30 days after installation completion in order to determine of efflorescence is present. Efflorescence is a natural occurrence and simply put, water filters it out. We wait 30 days in order to get the pavers through a few rain cycles to see if the efflorescence is present. If it is present we can then treat and neutralize it prior to sealing. It is always better to err on the side of caution and wait the 25-30 days.


How long can I expect it to last?

This is probably the most frequently asked question. The answer is simple. It depends. It depends on how much sun exposure the area gets. It depends on the type of traffic the area sees. It depends on if it is a pool deck or driveway. Travertine or brick paver. It depends on the amount of coats put down and if the project is a new install or and older paver system. Depends on if the paver is made with quality materials, or is an inferior and porous product. In order to fully answer this question, we would need to see the project, and then give you a more accurate timeline of expectations. Which we would love to do by the way.


Do I get a discount if we use you to re-seal our pavers?

Absolutely. Our goal the first time we work with customers on paver sealing is to do a thorough and completely professional job. If our customer decides to re-seal their pavers within the first 2-3 years we always offer them a discount. We help our customers stay on top of their cleanings and maintain the surface in-between cleaning. When we educate our customers and they follow our maintenance directions, we like to reward them with repeat customer discounts.