Today we began another paver sealing project for a repeat customer of ours. Typically, with our repeat customers we like to look at our previous pricing, then just simply shoot them an email with a new, lower price. We always feel that the last time we did the job we did it correctly, and did it well. At least that is our hope. Usually on re-seals the surface takes less sealer so a discounted price many times is warranted. We like to take care of our customers. Needless to say when we arrived I was shocked to see the state of the actual house. Pavers looked to still be in great shape but house was a mess. They never mentioned it to me on the phone so I was shocked when we got there. Customers are getting older and the husband who typically tries to keep up with the pressure washing has just reached that age where he cannot do it anymore but doesn’t want to admit it. This is a beautiful home located in a high end community, yet the front and side of the house were completely green. Many times in our paver sealing business we need homeowners to concentrate on the actual paver sealing. Not the green around their house. When you charge someone thousands of dollars for a service we don’t want their focus anywhere but there. If the pavers look great, but house looks terrible they wont stop looking at the house. It is not uncommon for us to clean up other areas of the house in order to make the entire project look great. So not only did we restore the beauty of their pavers, but we also cleaned up the entire front of the house at no charge. We are not a nickel and dime company. We are a “take care of our customers” company. We never do these things for recognition, we do them because we value our customers and we want them to know we are here to help them. If you want recognition for complimentary items, it defeats the gesture unless pre-negotiated of course. Project came out fantastic, and we even received an email with gratitude for cleaning up the front of the house. Now when you drive by, the house looks picturesque.