No longer do you have to default to boring, gray concrete for your patio, entryways, pool deck, driveway, or any other area of your home or commercial space. Decorative concrete is a growing trend for your designs and plans, but installing it properly and caring for it requires skill and special tools. This article will focus on cleaning and sealing concrete. If you are not familiar with installing or maintaining concrete, please consider a paver cleaning service in Wesley Chapel.

Common Sealer Issues

A concrete sealer that doesn’t perform as expected is a source of frustration for a homeowner. The following are some of the most common sealer issues:

Bubbles: Sealer should be applied thinly (one or two coats). Overapplication causes air to get trapped, which causes bubbles to appear on the surface.
White or powdery appearance: If a water-based sealer is used, low temperatures or high humidity will cause the coalescing solvent to evaporate before the water does, leading to a white appearance. If a solvent-based sealer is used, over application or applying sealer to a wet concrete surface will cause a white appearance.
Blotchy: Blotchy or uneven concrete is caused by an uneven sealer application or when the sealer is applied to freshly poured concrete.

Cleaning Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is simple to maintain, but dirt, liquids, and other debris will cause it to fade over time. Routine cleanings such as sweeping and mopping with a mild solution are necessary to maintain them. Occasionally, you may need paver cleaning in Wesley Chapel, FL for a deeper clean as well as a professional to repair damaged concrete and fill in sand areas.

Sealing Decorative Concrete

After the concrete is cleaned, applying a fresh layer of sealant is important because it keeps the surface clean, resists oil penetration, protects the surface from UV rays, and prevents insect intrusion and weed growth. Sealant helps to protect your concrete for years to come. If you want to maximize your investment, it’s critical that you rely on a professional who is an expert in paver sealing. Let Pressure Points assist you with maintaining the beauty of your decorative concrete by ensuring your concrete is sealed every couple of years.

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