Patio and driveway pavers get dirty over time and grow black mold, moss, and weeds. If your pavers are in need of being cleaned and sealed, you should avoid using a pressure washer and contact a paver sealing service in Wesley Chapel. After all, protecting your investment should be one of the main reasons you’ve chosen to seal.

What Are the Advantages of Sealing Pavers?

If you would like to keep your pavers looking great for longer periods of time then you should seal your pavers. Pavers that aren’t sealed are more likely to grow weeds, and lose their color from rain, UV light, and the elements. Most sealers contain an ingredient that will harden the joint sand and make it less likely to have shifting. If you want to avoid shifting, we definitely recommend sealing your pavers.

What If I Don’t Seal My Pavers?

Sealing was designed to protect pavers from rain, snow, ice, the sun, and even stains. If you don’t seal your pavers, you will have to clean the pavers more frequently making the stains harder to remove.

You can expect weeds to grow in the joint sand if you don’t seal your pavers. Properly installed pavers will include drainage to prevent weeds. Weeds in pavers usually come from seeds from neighboring weeds being blown and deposited into the sand joint. If you have a lot of weeds in your yard or landscape then it is likely you will have weeds in your pavers. Of course, sealing your pavers will help combat the weeds.

If you don’t seal your pavers, shifting could occur. The sand in the joint acts as a spacer between each paver but when that sand goes away, spaces become present between each paver allowing them to move around. If you were to seal your pavers, it would prevent sand loss and inadvertently prevent pavers from settling or shifting.

Can I Seal My Own Pavers?

Sealing your own pavers will cost you time and money. It could take your whole weekend depending on the size of the job. You will pay for the sealer and have to purchase new sand, rent a pressure washer, and buy a paver cleaner. If your DIY goes awry, your only option will be to strip all of the sealer and start again. In our professional opinion, you really won’t save much by cleaning and sealing your pavers yourself.

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