Homeowners are opting for natural stone flooring that is beautiful yet durable and timeless. There are plenty of options to choose from ranging from marble to slate, and of course travertine. If you are the proud owner of travertine pavers or are considering purchasing travertine pavers for your home it’s important that you do your research to learn how to care for your new pavers.

About Travertine

Travertine is a natural type of limestone that is used both in and outdoors but it is a very popular choice for pool decks. Travertine is an ideal paver material because it repels water and is heat resistant and slip resistant. It is also recognized a green flooring option. There are many colors and sizes to choose from, and finishes include tumbled, honed, and polished. There are plenty of design options to choose from.

Clean Your Pavers

As stated earlier, travertine pavers are not difficult to maintain but sealed and filled pavers are easier to manage. For simple, ongoing maintenance, sweep and go over the floor with a damp mop. Be sure to quickly clean up stains to avoid the stain setting in. This is especially true for wine colored or acidic spills. You’ll find that areas with the most traffic will require more upkeep. This includes outside areas including patios and pool decks, and near trees since certain fruit from trees can easily stain your pavers. It’s also worth mentioning that hard water can stain travertine tiles in your bathrooms or kitchen.

Seal Your Pavers

While sealing your travertine pavers is not a mandate, if you want your investment to last a lifetime, we recommend you get a paver sealing in Wesley Chapel, FL to bring out the natural beauty of your pavers. Sealing is most important for high traffic areas. Sealing will also protect pavers against erosion, stains, and mildew. If you like hosting pool parties, getting the pavers cleaned and sealed will keep your guests impressed as well as safe.
At Pressure Points, cleaning, sealing, and paver restoration in Wesley Chapel, FL is our specialty. We’ve cleaned and sealed numerous pool decks and our work speaks for itself. If your pool deck is in need of a good cleaning or sealing, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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