Installing pavers is a popular choice for adding character to your home and for improving your home’s curb appeal. When stains happen, your home can go from chic to shabby fast. Although we’d like our homes to look perfect forever, pavements will stain. Nevertheless, pavers continue to be the preferred option due to the reduced amount of maintenance required as compared to over other options.

At Pressure Points, we specialize in paver cleaning and paver sealing in Wesley Chapel, FL so we know that stains are a nuance to owners. We’ll share some common stains and what to do about them.

Common Stains

Both foot and vehicular traffic will expose pavers to constant dirt, stains, and normal wear. Other common stains include oil, grease, hard water, and rust. The method of removing these stains will depend on the type of paver installed.

What to Do About the Stains?

Stains are not always a sign of neglect—they will occur naturally over time. The best line of defense against stains is to inspect your pavers regularly and to have a regularly scheduled maintenance plan in place. Many try to clean their pavers themselves, but there’s nothing like having them professionally cleaned and sealed with a paver sealing service in Wesley Chapel, FL. Adding sealants to your pavers will also protect your pavers from future stains. The longer a stain rests on your pavements, the tougher it is to get it out.

How Regular Maintenance Helps

Regular maintenance will keep your pavers looking like they did when you first installed them. Furthermore, it prevents dirt and debris buildup. It’s also important to ensure joint sand is refilled when it has been washed away by wind or rain. Applying sealant helps to keep joint sand in place.

Pavers, Still the Better Choice

There are other options besides pavers like asphalt or concrete. Although stains can be removed from both, when it comes to a stuff stain that can’t be removed, pavers are much easier to remove and replace.

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