Pavers can add so much beauty to the landscaping of your home, but beware, pavers are not immune to the elements of Florida which can leave pavers looking dull. Over the years, we’ve seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with pavers. We’ve noticed that there are some common issues people have with their paver installations. You may not see these things right away, but they’ll likely develop over time if your pavers aren’t installed properly. This article will highlight some of those issues.


Are you wondering why your pavers have a white film on them? This is called efflorescence which occurs naturally. This happens due to the formation of white mineral salt deposits on the surface of the pavers. This cloudy white discoloration doesn’t damage the pavers, but proper maintenance is the key to keeping your pavers looking good. This is why a paver cleaning service in Wesley Chapel, FL should be done periodically.


Loose pavers are the result of an unstable foundation. It’s important that you lay pavers on sand or gravel that is level, and put down edges to help restrain pavers. Edges are important because they help stabilize pavers and keep them from slipping and spreading under foot traffic.


It’s normal to see some weed growth between your pavers but you don’t want the weeds to get out of hand. Weeds grow in between the pavers where the joint sand is. Using the polymeric sand is critical for weed as well as ant prevention. You can use herbicides before weeds even form and just pull the weeds out by hand if they emerge.


If you’re noticing that water is puddling either the base was not installed properly or the soil was not compacted enough. This will cause the area to start settling which will create dips and puddling. At this point, you’ll need to have your pavers removed to add more compacted base, and then reinstall the pavers.

Hire a Professional

The issues above are just a few of the problems we’ve seen our customers experience. Other issues such as roots causing the pavers to lift, soil expansion which causes the pavers to shift, and uneven pavers are regular occurrences too. Our paver experts understand the importance of a solid foundation for paver installation and are available to assist you with a paver cleaning, sealing, and paver restoration in Wesley, Chapel, FL.

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