Are your pavers beginning to look a bit unsightly due to weed growth? There is nothing more frustrating than having weeds growing between the joints of your pavers. Weeds are tenacious. If you don’t act fast, weeds can get out of control and become difficult to remove.

What Causes Weeds?

Many people think weeds are growing in the cracks of the pavers; however, weeds appear due to seeds from other weeds, from your yard, for example, being blown and deposited into the sand joints. Once they land, they begin to germinate and spread.

How to Discourage Weed Growth

Weed will grow anywhere and the best way to prevent their growth is through proper maintenance. Weeds are also attracted to cool and damp environments, so you should be sure to have a good method of draining water from your pool patio, pathways, and driveway. Additionally, keeping pavers swept will keep the weed seedlings from settling between the pavers. Properly installing pavers and getting a periodic paver sealing service in Lutz helps to keep pavers weed free. When you seal pavers, the sand is hardened and this makes it difficult for weeds to grow. Getting a paver sealing in Lutz will also keep the paver colors from fading, protect against UV breakdown, prevent pavers from shifting.

What to Do About Existing Weeds

If you already have weeds, you can remove the larger weeds first. Then you can pour an eco-friendly solution over the weeded and non-weeded areas. Let the areas dry and then refill the joints with sand. We highly recommend you contact us at Pressure Points to pressure wash, re-sand and seal your pavers for you to ensure the job is done right the first time.

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