Sealing your pavers will protect them from the elements or anything foreign, such as oil, that may stain them. It will also preserve the natural beauty of the pavers. Sealing pavers is not an easy undertaking. Proper sealing requires the right products and the right technique. A botched paver sealing job will leave your pavers looking white, yellow, cloudy, or plastic. A paver sealing job gone wrong is no fun and costly. It will likely require some form of paver restoration in Lutz, FL.

At Pressure Points, we recommend calling in a professional to seal your pavers to avoid the following paver sealer mishaps.

Failing to Clean Efflorescence

Anything sitting on your pavers will become trapped if you seal them before cleaning. Using an efflorescence cleaner will ensure that dirt, debris, and any preexisting stains are removed. Skipping this step will only cause the sealer to emphasize these things more.

Over Applying Sealer

The most common issue people experience when sealing is over applying the sealer. Sealers are designed to perform well with just one or two coats. More than this and you can end up with unstable sealer. Over applying a sealer can cause all kinds of issues, including bubbles, a white haze, or blisters in the sealer.

Mixing Different Products

Choose a sealer and stick with it. Do not mix a solvent-based sealer with a water-based sealer. If you’ve already sealed your pavers with a water-based sealer previously, reseal them again with the same.

Sealer problems are easier to prevent than to repair. If you’re wondering why your pavers look blotchy, uneven, yellow, milky, brown, or cloudy, the sealer was applied improperly and you’ll benefit from a paver restoration in Lutz, FL. Don’t hesitate to call us to restore the beauty of your pavers.

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