Before getting a paver sealing service in Lutz, you should make sure that you’re protecting your investment. However, before you get started, you should complete some pre-sealing tasks first. We’ll share these tasks below.

Check the weather

Be mindful of when you’re scheduling your paver sealing service in Lutz, especially during the summer months. Weather is unpredictable and we often get rain when we least expect it. Sealers should be applied to pavers that are completely dry. Check the weather to see if there’ll be any rain and schedule your project when rain is less likely to happen for at least 3 to 4 days. Ideally, you don’t want rain a day before or after applying a sealer. If water gets trapped under the sealer this could lead to mold growth or a white haze to appear.

Clean Your Pavers

Cleaning your pavers before sealing them is extremely important. Not only will you want to clean oil, dirt, and grease from your surfaces, you must use an efflorescence cleaner as well. Sweep loose dirt and scrub areas that are more stubborn. Cleaning efflorescence will allow the sealer to bond properly to the pavers. Failing to clean properly will cause the applied sealer to discolor or turn milky white or yellow in color. This typically happens because either moisture was trapped under the sealer, efflorescence was not removed prior to sealer application, a low-grade sealer was used, or over applying the sealer.

Follow Manufacturer Directions

After having your pavers installed, you should wait at least 30 days before applying a paver sealer, unless otherwise stated in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Always refer to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines before sealing your pavers. There may be specific instructions on how to prepare a particular surface along with the proper application techniques.

As always, we recommend hiring a seasoned paver sealing professional to assist you with your paver sealing in Lutz, this way, you can rest assured that your exterior surfaces will be cleaned and sealed properly.

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