There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your once beautiful patio pavers be overtaken by weeds. Although pavers are strong and durable, they are no match for tenacious weeds. Not only do they make your property unattractive, but if abandoned too long, your pavers will begin to crack and shift. Be proactive and stop weeds from growing with the tips in this article. If your pavers have already been overtaken by weeds, don’t hesitate to contact Pressure Points for paver restoration in Lutz.

Minimizing Future Weed Growth

Weeds grow when seedlings fall from trees and spread and somehow land into spaces between your pavers. From there, they begin to sprout and grow weeds. It’s always best to take preventative measures to stop weeds from growing in the first place. Here are several ways to do so:

  • Sweep pavers regularly. This will prevent seedlings from settling between the pavers. Sometimes a hose is necessary when pavers look dull.
  • Clean pavers regularly. There are environmentally friendly ways to keep pavers cleaned. Simply use warm water with a mild soap. Hot water with vinegar kills weeds and prevents growing back. Use chemical solutions when they are absolutely necessary.
  • Replace joint sand. Heavy rain or wind can cause sand to wash out of the joints of your pavers. Re-sanding the joints keeps the surface stable.
  • Incorporate slopes into your landscaping. Slopes encourage better water drainage which minimizes excessive water in your pavers.

Removing Existing Weeds

You can remove weeds from your pavers. However, weeds are tenacious, and pulling them up by hand is tedious work. Here are some steps to remove them:

  • Remove larger weeds between the joints manually.
  • Remove rooting zones and existing joint sand from the joints with a pressure washer. It’s important to hire a company that specializes in paver restoration in Lutz to ensure that the sand beneath your pavers isn’t blasted out of joint.
  • Apply a solution such as vinegar and water to ensure the rooting zones are destroyed completely.
  • Allow the surface to dry than refill the stabilizing sand.

Remember, weeds love a cool and damp environment. Without an adequate slope, weeds will spread, taking over your entire patio. It’s possible to DIY your pavers, but it’s best to entrust them to skilled professionals that specialize in paver cleaning and paver sealing in Lutz.

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