We Floridians are spoiled with our nearly year around subtropical climate. We are known as one of the warmest and most humid states in the United States. No wonder we love our beaches and pools. Speaking of pools, many homeowners are opting for homes with pools to stay cool. Pools add to your home’s curb appeal, so you may as well give it a little personality. It’s possible to create an attractive but safe oasis in your backyard. Following are three types of stone pavers to consider for your poolscape.


Travertine is a type of natural stone from the limestone family. Travertine stone pavers are in demand for pool decks for a variety of reasons. Homeowners can choose between three finishes: polished which is shiny, honed which is matte, and tumbled which is textured. Beyond their luxurious aesthetics and array of styles and colors, the number one reason to choose this type of material is for safety reasons. It gets pretty hot in Florida, but these pavers reflect heat very well so that bare feet will not get burned. These pavers are also slip-resistant so you won’t have to worry about slip and fall injuries.


Flagstone is another popular choice for pools because of its slip and heat resistant surface and long life span. However, light-colored flagstone is more porous which makes it more susceptible to wear and tear but a good paver sealing in Lutz, FL will work wonders for dull and worn pavers. Flagstone is composed of sedimentary stone which provides a range of color and hardness. Since pavers come in a variety of colors and shapes, homeowners can customize patterns to create a truly unique pool deck.


Limestone is an excellent pool decking material because it is timeless. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that gets its beautiful colors from the sand, clay, and silt minerals that can be found in it. Darker stones typically fade over time and surfaces are generally honed (matte or smooth). Insulation properties make it suitable for cold and hot weather which will not affect bare feet during fun pool time. Limestone doesn’t necessarily need to be sealed, but it does need to be cleaned periodically.

How We Can Help

At Pressure Points, we know quality pavers when we see them. However, no matter how great your pavers are initially, eventually, you will need a professional paver sealing service in Lutz, FL to maintain their appearance. We will clean, seal, and restore your pavers so that they will look brand new.

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