Needing paver sealing service in Land O Lakes, FL? Before starting that weekend paver project, take a few minutes to review some paver sealing tips—or leave it to the professionals at Pressure Points.

Ready, Ready…. Wait (1 Year)

Your beautiful, multi-colored, herringbone-styled driveway is almost complete. Next step is to seal the pavers, right? Not necessarily. Pavers are porous and permeable. With time, salt travels to the surface and can leave a visible milky-white color change called efflorescence. Give your pavers time prior to sealing in salt deposits.

Whack Weeds From Joints

Professional paver sealers hinder weed growth in joint sand—if done correctly. When selecting paver sealing service in Land O Lakes, FL, make sure your on-site technician first removes any existing weeds prior to applying any sealer. Clean surfaces, including joints, before applying sealer to pavers.

Select A Quality Sealer

Stand the test of time, and weather changes, by using optimal products for your household projects. Choose a quality sealer to help protect paver color and reduce the need for reapplication.

Use The Right Tools

Reaching for that paint roller you just found in the garage to seal your pavers? It may have been the right tool for updating Jake’s room last year, but it’s not ideal for your fancy brick driveway. When researching a paver sealing service in Land O Lakes, FL, consider the best tool—and professional—for the job. Certain sealers are best applied via roll-on applications, while others work better if sprayed.

Give It A Day

It’s done! Well… not yet. For best paver sealing results, wait 24 hours prior to walking or driving on your project. Although pavers are porous, they need time to fully absorb your quality sealer.

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