Pavers are an essential component of your home’s landscaping. They make a statement, good or bad, depending on how well you maintain them. If you want the exterior of your home to remain immaculate, the following five maintenance habits will keep your pavers in tip-top shape for years to come.

1. Sweep them

Sweeping is the simplest way to keep you pavers in great condition. Sweeping helps remove grit and debris which contributes to paver deterioration over a period of time. Along with sweeping, pull up any weeds and moss that have grown between the joints. This will ensure the pavers don’t move out of place which can be a serious hazard.

2. Clean Them

Since dirt, the elements, and spills fade pavers over time, using water, a brush, and a gentle detergent will improve the appearance of the pavers. As trained and licensed professionals, we stand by the beneficial effects of getting a professional paver cleaning in Land O Lakes due to the high-quality products and special techniques we use to get pavers looking like new.

3. Pressure Wash Them

Sometimes pavers need a deeper clean that requires special equipment. When this is necessary, we recommend you hire a professional to come in and do this for you because the wrong technique can damage pavers. Afterward, you’ll notice your pavers look as beautiful as the first day you installed them.

4. Seal Them

If you want your pavers to look new again, you’ll have to seal them every several years. This will enhance the colors of the pavers and prevent wear and staining. We highly recommend the Seal ‘n Lock system process to seal pavers in less time than traditional sealing methods.

5. Repair Them

A quick inspection of the pavers can reveal if they are cracked, loosened, or severely damaged, a paver restoration in Land O Lakes, FL is the best way to restore pavers. With the help of a professional, pavers can be replaced and sealed within no time.

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