Nothing enhances the look of your home’s exterior like the addition of pavers. Whether you have stone, brick or concrete, pavers instantly add a level of luxury to your home that cannot be matched by concrete driveways or patios. Pavers simply look better, but with that look comes the importance of proper maintenance.

While paver cleaning in Land O’ Lakes is an essential step in keeping pavers beautiful, paver sealing can help preserve it for the long haul. Paver sealing may feel like an unnecessary investment but its advantages cannot be ignored. Here are a few reasons why you should consider sealing your pavers:

Prevents Wear and Tear

When you seal your pavers, it prevents them from loosening and cracking, and wards off deterioration. Certain paver sealants resist UV rays, which helps prevent discoloration.

Enhances the Overall Look of Your Pavers

Along with keeping pavers looking better for a longer period of time, certain sealants can improve the look of pavers by providing matte and semi or high-gloss sheens. If you would like your pavers to have a “slick” or “wet” look, the right sealant can help you accomplish this.

Protects Your Pavers from Harsh Weather

If you have pavers and you’ve ever gone through a Florida summer, you’ll understand the importance of paver sealing in Land O’ Lakes. The paver sealant fills in the pores in pavers so when it rains, water is repelled. This prevents rainwater from loosening the paver over time.

Protects Your Pavers from Weeds

Over time, weeds can grow through pavers creating more work to keep pavers looking good. Using a paver sealant blocks the growth of weeds, preventing them from poking through. Paver sealants also prevent the growth of mold.

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