Concrete is used for most driveways throughout our area. That’s why when you see a paver driveway, it stands out. Few exterior features provide the charm and enhance the curb appeal of a home like pavers. In some cases, pavers can increase the value of your home.

However, pavers require a level of maintenance that differs significantly from concrete. That’s why hiring a company that can perform paver restoration in Land O’ Lakes, FL is so important. They have the skills and tools to overcome a variety of issues and make your pavers look as good as new.

There are a number issues that can occur if pavers weren’t installed correctly or not cared for over time. In this article, we are highlighting three issues we see again and again on jobs.

Paver Settling

Over time, you noticed areas of your pavers that appear to be lower than others. After a hard rain, puddles begin to form in your pavers. This means that your pavers are settling into a specific spot. This is caused when the ground below the pavers doesn’t have proper compaction. This happens when backfield soils are not compacted as they are filled in during the construction process. In essence, the ground under the paver is not supporting it, so it sinks.

Stains on Pavers

While pavers are meant to be beautiful, they are also meant to be functional. This means that after years of cars passing over, they may become stained. Oil and other debris may alter the look of your pavers. A company that performs paver sealing in Land O’ Lakes, FL is needed. By sealing the pavers during regular maintenance, dirt and grime can be washed away easily.

Weeds in Pavers

Due the consistency of the sand under pavers, weeds can poke through over time. This most commonly happens when the wrong sand is used. If joint sand is used in the construction of the pavers, this will be less likely to happen.

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