You’ve likely spent thousands to beautify your hardscapes, but have you been maintaining your pavers at least every two to three years? If not, you may notice that your pavers made of brick, travertine, natural or artificial stones have faded or been damaged considerably. Harsh Florida weather and traffic contribute to its deterioration. Various substances like oil and rust cause damage as well.

How We Can Help

The answer to your problem is paver restoration in Lutz, FL. We’ll restore your hardscapes so you can feel good about your investment again. A well-maintained exterior will be preserved for generations to come.

Benefits of Sealing

With an expert paver cleaning service in Land O Lakes, FL, your pavers will be protected, restored, and enhanced. Our specialists use special sealants and blended tinting agents to provide a barrier of protection against damage that is often caused by heat and water damage. The result will be beautiful and healthy pavers.

What We Seal

We work with top-rated vendors to provide you with high-quality service. We seal, clean and restore driveways, pool decks, travertine, and more.

Our Sealing Process

We seal all types of hardscapes with the Seal ‘n Lock System. When you invest in paver sealing in Land O Lakes, FL, we remove old sealer and return pavers to their natural state. We pressure wash your surface, rinse and wet sandpaper joints, and use water-based sealers that can be applied soon after pressure washing and sanding. We get the job done “All In One Day.”

High-Quality Products

Seal ‘n Lock System products are high quality and environmentally safe. These products are low and ultra-low VOC water based. They protect pavers and prevent them from turning white. When you get a paver cleaning in Land O’ Lakes, FL, your pavers will be more durable for years to come. In addition to that, your pavers will look rich, glossy, and wet.

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