You’ll need to clean your home’s exterior periodically if you want to keep up its appearance. A pressure washing service in Wesley Chapel, FL is a great way to do so. We must caution you though. Too many homeowners resort to pressure washing their homes themselves or worse, hiring the wrong pressure washing company to do the job for them. The end result is damage to their beautiful home. We’ll share a few pressure washing damage mishaps you’ll want to avoid during your next pressure wash.

Window Damage

It’s important to avoid pressure washing your windows as they can’t withstand large amounts of pressure. Using too much pressure will tear screens and cause the windows to leak and fog if they are double paned. Water damage can cause mold and rotting issues too.

Wood or Mortar Damage

Failing to wash at the right distance can lead to serious damage to your wood siding. Using a water pressure above 3,000 PSI and the wrong spray pattern can cause splitting or furring. If this is happening, you are too close! Mortar can be damaged as well. Before pressure washing mortar, you should make sure that no mortar joints between the bricks are damaged. If there is already damage, pressure washing will only exacerbate the problem by blasting away the mortar. Repairing the mortar can be expensive to repair.

Water Damage

Too much high-pressure washing and an incorrect washing method can cause water damage inside and outside of your home. If water seeps through your windows or attic because of too much pressure, you will end up damaging your walls, floors, and carpet. Getting water into the walls can damage wiring, insulation, and plaster. This can all lead to mold issues.

The Solution

We recommend using the appropriate cleaning solutions and water pressure to clean your home. Some areas require a soft clean with low-pressure while others may call for a higher amount of pressure. Knowing the difference is key. We highly recommend you get a power washing service in Wesley Chapel, FL from a reputable company such as Pressure Points to give your home a safe and quality clean.

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