It’s hard to believe that water from a hose can be that dangerous, but at 3,000 psi, it has the power to bore holes into bare wood, strip asphalt, and blast through concrete. Before deciding on pressure washing service in Wesley Chapel, FL, educate yourself on ways pressure washing can go bad to avoid it happening to you.

Handling High-Pressure Power

We’ve all attempted a Do-It-Yourself project that hasn’t turned out like initially intended. Commercial pressure washers compress water at extremely high levels, capable of causing significant damage to anything, and anyone, in its path. Handling high-pressure power like this is best left to the professionals. In Wesley Chapel, FL, pressure washing services from Pressure Points are employed to safely strip paint, clean grease, remove debris—including dirt, dust, mildew and mold—plus any other buildup found on the surfaces of your home or business.

Airborne Asbestos And Other Hazards

Asbestos. That one word has the power to send a shiver up your spine. This microscopic hazard is capable of contaminating adjacent surfaces, such as your lawn, garden, and the house next door. Speak to a pressure washing service in Wesley Chapel, FL to determine if it is safe to power wash your siding. Additionally, make sure to discuss other pressure washing hazards when respiratory sensitivities are present, such as asthma or allergies.

Pistons, Pumps And Plungers

Pressure washing equipment has a lot of working parts that will wear and damage over time. Unless you are highly skilled at engine repair, fixing the pistons, pumps and plungers of your pressure washer may not be best way to spend your only day off from work. Pressure Points technicians are trained in using—and fixing—pressure washing equipment so that you don’t have to.

Avoid Window, Wood And Water Damage

If you are looking for a Wesley Chapel, FL pressure washing service company, consider opting for a company that provides a safe restore. Pressure Points technicians assess your property and specific needs to recommend the appropriate cleaning solution and water pressure. Washing with too much pressure, or too close to a surface, can damage costly building elements like windows and siding. Using too much water can also damage walls, wiring, and insulation—potentially leading to mold issues.

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