Using a pressure washing service in Wesley Chapel, FL is a great way to get dirt and grime off of your home and restore it to its intended beauty. With each blast, caked up dirt from the elements melt away. And while the chemicals used in pressure washing are safe for your home, the plants surrounding it are a different story. Many of these chemicals can do permanent damage to your plants and, ultimately kill them.

However, as any company providing pressure washing in Wesley Chapel, FL will tell you, there are a number of ways to protect your plants during the pressure washing process. These include:

Watering Your Plants

By watering your plants prior to pressure washing, the bleach or detergent runoff will be diluted. In the case of bleach, this will prevent the runoff from turning into salt and inhibiting your plants’ ability to absorb water. Also, it’s critical that you rinse off your plants after the pressure washing process to remove excess chemicals.

Covering Your Plants

The easiest way to protect your plants is to simply use a plastic sheet to cover them. However, proceed with caution. Covering plants for prolonged periods of time can cut off their air supply and, ultimately, kill them as well. To combat this, only cover plants on the area that’s being pressure washed. Remove your covering once you are done and move it to the next set of plants. This way plants won’t stay covered for too long.

Using Detergent Instead of Bleach

A detergent-based pressure wash is more environmentally-friendly than bleach as it is typically diluted to a 10:1 water-to-detergent ratio. This makes it less harsh on plants. Caution is required when using detergent as well. Detergent can leave brown spots on plants. This can be alleviated by both watering plants before pressure washing and rinsing them afterwards.

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