Getting a pressure washing in Wesley Chapel, Fl may be on your mind, but you may be contemplating doing it yourself. Usually, the idea of saving money is the catalyst for tackling your home cleaning project. We know there’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve accomplished something on your own without having to pay anyone to do it for you.

As leading experts in power washing in Wesley Chapel, Fl we want to give you tips to ensure you pressure wash your house like the pros do.

Select the Right Machine and Products

You can’t just wash your home with any pressure washer. There are things you should think about before buying a pressure washer. You’ll have to decide between a gas or electric pressure washer as well as hot or cold water. Think about the size of your home then choose accordingly. For optimal results, use chemicals or detergents that are compatible with the machine you’ve selected.

How to Wash

After you find the right machine and products. The first step in pressure washing your home is to read the directions that come with your machine. After that, adjust your spray settings and then test an area to be sure you’ve selected the correct setting. Proceed to do the following:

  • Apply your detergent using low-pressure from bottom to top
  • Wait a few minutes then rinse the detergent and let dry
  • Change spray setting and begin spraying your surface (at a distance) to clean off the product, dirt, and grime from top to bottom.
  • Rinse your house with water to clear detergent residue.
  • Refer to your manual to clean up your pressure washer and properly storing the machine.

Be Safe and Avoid Damages

When you’re ready to pressure wash your home, it’s crucial you keep safety in mind. You can effectively wash your home from a safe distance and avoid falling off a ladder. Avoid spraying behind or under surfaces which can damage your paint, siding, and windows. Prepare your work area by removing unnecessary obstacles. Close windows to avoid blasting water through your windows and damaging your floors and furniture. Tape down wiring and avoid touching areas that could cause electric shock. Trim plants near the home. Other safety precautions such as wearing eye and hearing protection and having proper ventilation when operating gas pressure washers is vital.

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