There has been a surge of homeowners enthusiastically taking on DIY home projects but there are some projects you should leave to the professionals—pressure washing your home is one of them.

While we admire the pride of those who have a knack for handiwork, we would caution those who aren’t so handy to get a professional power washing service in Wesley Chapel, Fl to give home exteriors a deep clean. We’ll share five pressure washing mistakes people often make when they pressure wash their own home exteriors and hardscapes.

1. Selecting the Wrong Equipment

Homeowners are limited when it comes to the products and equipment available to them for pressure washing. Further, selecting the wrong pressure washer and attachments can lead to less than stellar cleaning. Professional pressure washing companies have the products, equipment, and skills necessary to clean homes safely and effectively.

2. Applying the Wrong Amount of Pressure

Applying too much pressure damages home exteriors and can also be a dangerous hazard that causes skin and eye injuries. Applying too little pressure to an exterior that requires a higher amount of pressure will be a waste of time. Professionals understand that the right combination of PSI and GPM will determine how quickly and effectively the exterior of the home is cleaned.

3. Using the Wrong Technique

Cleaning areas of the home out of order can turn a simple cleaning into a lot of wasted time. For example, if you clean your driveway and then proceed to clean your roof, you’ll wash the dirt and debris from the roof to the driveway and will have to clean it again. Also, using uneven sweeping motions, spraying in the wrong direction, and from the wrong distance will sabotage a great clean.

4. Using the Wrong Water Temperature

Some cleaning will require cold water and some will require hot water. Knowing the difference will prevent unnecessary damage to your home or ineffective cleaning. Certain products are best for cold water and the same applies for hot water.

5. Ineffective Products

The products used in pressure washing is vital. There are certain surfaces that need to be cleaned with more than hot water like surfaces that have stubborn stains caused by oil, rust, or algae. Products that aren’t allowed to soak and lift stains renders the product ineffective as well.

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