You probably fit into one of two categories. Either you’re an excited new homeowner looking to keep your home in tip-top shape or you’re an existing homeowner wanting to make your home look brand new again. You have two choices: hire a professional or do-it-yourself (DIY). Of course, we always recommend you get a pressure washing service in Wesley Chapel, but if you love DIY projects, we’ll help you get started on purchasing a consumer pressure washer for personal use.

1. What Can You Clean?

Aside from driveways, roofs, pool decks, and your home’s siding, pressure washers clean so much more. Not only can you clean the exterior siding of your home, you can use it for paint stripping, cleaning vehicles, grills, and lawn furniture—the list goes on.

2. Which Should You Buy?

One pressure washer won’t fit every cleaning project. The key is to select the right pressure washer that’ll get the job done without damaging your home or other valuable items. Should you find that your job is too big for a consumer grade unit, we highly recommend you consider a professional power washing in Wesley Chapel.

Power Level

Before choosing a pressure washer, look at the different power levels. Water pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI); water flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM); cleaning speed is measured by cleaning units (CU). The less PSI, the less powerful it is. The larger the GPM, the more surface area you can clean. More CUs means you’ll finish the job quicker.


Electric units are best for smaller surfaces. They are cheaper and require less maintenance, but don’t clean as fast gas units. They come in various sizes that are categorized by power level. You can choose from held hand which are the most lightweight and easiest to use all the way up to extra-large which is the most expensive and powerful of electric units.


Gas units are more powerful and require more maintenance than electric units. They clean larger surfaces with more efficiency. Like electric, they come in various sizes with different GPM, PSI, and CU measures.

3. Where Should You Buy?

One way you can find the right pressure washer is to borrow one from a neighbor or family member to test out. If you don’t have that as a resource, it’s always a good idea to research online or stop by your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Northern Tool + Equipment. These stores have many pressure washers and related products and accessories to choose from.

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