The appearance of your property can make or break your business, but we know some things are beyond your control, like Florida’s weather for instance. That’s where Pressure Points comes in.

Pressure Washing is Prevention

When your surrounding exteriors are not looking their best, our highly-experienced technicians will come out to your property to restore it to its original appeal. Many times, a commercial pressure washing in Lutz, FL is the perfect preventive solution to your problems instead of costly renovations. We solve your bacteria, mold and mildew buildup issues and more.

Exteriors We Clean

Even more important than aesthetics is the safety and health of those that enter your building. We clean and restore shopping centers and retail buildings to make them look new. We also clean playgrounds, restaurants, and roofing to help eliminate health hazards and reduce the need for expensive replacements and repairs.

Why Should You Use Our Services?

We are dedicated to quality and service. Your building exterior will be thoroughly cleaned and will look brand new. Our technicians are highly-qualified, licensed and bonded, and use the top-of-the-line equipment to restore your property.

To schedule an appointment, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 813-333-1709